Otto Uno

Location: Punta del Este
Program: Residential Building
Status: Under Construction
Project: 2020
Built Area: 2.100 m2

Otto Uno is a residential building located in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
The building has a very simple and pure shape where light and transparency are main concepts of the design.
The main mission of the project, that hosts 36 social housing units, was to create, with an elegant and attractive architectural design, 36 sustainable, affordable and functional apartments.

Concepts / Architectural design
The architectural design is very pure and simple, with a glazing facade in which the green elements, created by local species of plants and trees, in the balconies and in the roof top terrace, play a crucial role, interrupting the regularity and creating a continuous ever changing movement.
In this design, the objective was to create a sensorial experience of the greenery, integrating the plant landscape with the architectural dimension.
The floor-to-ceiling glass facades offer views from all directions as well as maximum levels of light.

Otto Uno´s commitment to sustainability is at the core of the Building, with the design of a roof top garden, featuring native plants, as an eco-friendly solution to reduce energy consumption and a water retention system to provide irrigation for the building site.

The creation of the roof top terrace, which has been designed like a town square, has the mission of encouraging residents to socialize.
The main objective of the design of the terrace was to encourage social contact and prioritize a contemporary living style with balconies and terraces with room for greenery.

The optimization of economic resources is reached through a synthesis of the building geometry, the design of the floor plants, and a wise selection of construction materials and technologies.

Social commitment
Social Housing is a principal element for a more democratic city.
The main mission in the design of Otto Uno was to try to create a project that serves the city and its people.
The main challenge was to try to develop a project with an excellent architectural design, improving the quality of life of its residents, trying to improve then society and urban experience.

In Otto Uno, the main objective was to try to create an excellent, luminous and pure architectural design, while following the concepts of sustainability and Social commitment.