Located in Punta del Este, Uruguay, Guevara Ottonello Architects is an interdisciplinary architecture and design studio that emphasizes excellence, innovation, and uniqueness, in every project.

Under the direction of Ian Guevara and Natalia Ottonello, the studio has designed projects on every scale, including residential, commercial, hospitality, interior design, and master planning projects.

The studio aims to design holistically, driven by an integrated approach. By working creatively from the start of a project, the studio seeks to create innovative and sustainable architectural designs.

Every project is designed from the earliest sketch to construction drawings and completion; designing with an integrated vision, every building element: architecture, environmental engineering, structural engineering, sustainability, landscape design, and interior design.

In every project, sustainability is at the core of the design approach, and the studio aims to create a unique design tailor-made to the site, climate, and user.

The main objective of the studio is to honor Architectural Design, as the art of space, always designing with passion and with a solid commitment to improve the quality of the environment, and to design with excellence and innovation, aiming to create unique designs, looking for that moment when architecture transcend itself.